she even wears herself out

damn it, internet, HEAR ME

bitching about shit in 140 characters just doesn't work for me. i guess my payback to forgetting about lj for 3 weeks is that i actually now want to vent longhand.

this bitch is about regretsy and the hobo wedding, sort of. except i don't give a shit about how much anyone spends on their wedding and whether or not having 15k to spend on a wedding is "poor" and whether "hobo" is some sort of cultural icon rather than an amalgamation of destitute migrants during the great depression. what it is about is how people make the happiest day of their lives open for the public consumption by strangers and then cryabeetus when those strangers are offended and mean.

here's my take on a tangential fraction of this issue: if you are an artist who expects to actually make a living and fund your life and pay for a mortgage by selling goods and services on the internets, then you're TAKING MONEY FROM OTHER PEOPLE. you therefore better be providing goods and services that people WANT, and you better be a human being that people are willing to give their money to. they are your customers, your audience. so if you CHOOSE to use your wedding to promote your business and link a million etsy stores for all the handmade/vintage/upcycled crap you spent lots of money on, you've exposed yourself to the world. you can't promote yourself without expecting backlash, and you can't turn around and insult your audience if you expect to continue to live at the mercy of other people's consumption. regretsy provides a service whereby sarcastic and snarky people get their rocks off on insulting people. etsy allows "artists" to sell headless woman-shaped stuffed pillows with slits. it's all relative. so don't act like you never asked for all the criticism. you PUT IT OUT THERE AND ASKED PEOPLE TO BUY IT, and now you're crying because a bunch of people criticized your art and didn't like your aesthetic. you had the opportunity to say, "sorry you were offended by my shit, and sorry you took it personally. it wasn't about you; it was about us. maybe we shouldn't have made it so public if we didn't want the criticism, but we didn't equate the hobo and poverty," blah blah blah. BUT NO. instead, the happy couple took the tactic of insulting the insulters, and basically said that the regretsy outrage and offense taken is bullshit, and that they couldn't afford a "normal" wedding on 15k and so they went with a hobo/DIY/handmade theme. all the while talking about their choice to quit corporate jobs and be poor for their art. which, again, means they have the luxury of expecting someone to buy their artistic works without working jobs they hate to, you know, eat.

i fucking hate art which is contemptuous of it's audience, ie, if i don't like it, then i just don't "get" it, i'm not smart enough/cool enough to.
she even wears herself out

dag y'all

i love livejournal for personal history and all, and i imagine it'd take the site actually shutting down for me to leave altogether, but i've just realized that i haven't checked my friends list in 3 weeks. 3. weeks. guys, i've been here 10 and a half years, and i haven't gone that long without checking ever, even when i was without internet access and my kids were newborns.

are we...gone? i mean, i know we've all been saying for a few years now that lj is dead, and i guess it is, but. i feel like i've only just now fully realized that this is the end of this place. or my place in it, i guess.

pascha is sexy


lets hash it out.

i'm glad to see that they didn't throw in too many of the not-technical-enough-but-we-have-to-look-like-we-accept-street-dancers dancers. and with the strength on the technical side this season, those street boys will fall quickly. the girls are all awesome, and i'm torn between ryan (who should have made it LAST season, wtf) and melanie (who is from atlanta and looks just like my friend leon's wife). melanie and marko were the shizz. and i effin loved that sonja tayeh. her group number this week was awesome. and also? sonja reminds me of blusia, which is dear. the boys? hmmm. i think that mitchell is probably my favorite, and i'd have been super pissed if he'd gone home. i like robert's personality, but he is sorely outmatched and likely will go home next week unless he gets some crazy good luck of the draw in terms of routine. i'm surprised that tap dancer and the old ballroom anorexic weren't in the bottom, but i guess she's got some ballroom fans calling in for her. anyway, i think with 2 going next week, it should be robert and tapper, and iveta and probably that one who thinks she's sexy who's dancing with wadi. what's her name? i don't know. but she's got a mean vibe, and especially considering how good all the girls are, she's my vote to go.
she even wears herself out

Cheersport indeed

I find it difficult to acknowledge cheering as a legitimate sport when, in order to "compete," 7 year old girls wear more makeup than I have worn in my lifetime. If it's really about athleticism and precision and gymnastic ability, why do you need all that shit on your face?
she even wears herself out

hey! who knew you could still make polls up in this bitch?

Poll #1739599 it's an either/or thing

Is plain Greek yogurt an acceptable alternative to sour cream?

GASP! ::clutch pearls:: How can you even ask such? HELL TO THE NAW.
Meh. I mean, if you are out of sour cream, it'll do in a pinch.
For potatoes and tacos, sure. For baking, never.
Seems like a valid, healthier alternative to me.
I never use sour cream.

Other possible options?

she even wears herself out

some things are best said here

I had never, in my whole life, seen an episode of Oprah, but of course I dvred the President and Michelle Obama on Monday. I finished watching it last night, and damn, I love Michelle Obama. She's smart, she's hilarious, and she is totally real. And it sort of makes me crazy that however much I don't mind posting that to FB, it's best just to not, so I can avoid 3 or 4 insane douchebags who would say some shit about how she only went to an ivy because she's black and quotas, or she's just acting like a "real woman" when she is really a lesbian or something.

tangentially, i want to internet slap the next person who "like"s God or The Bible. does God really need you to be his Facebook fan? guh.